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Long-term partnerships and application expertise

Offering a wide range of adhesive and sealant technologies, Bostik manufactures solutions for battery assembly from the battery cell and module to the battery pack integration into the body. We are a recognized development partner for OEMs and tier suppliers with long-term partnerships bolstered by our global research and development and worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Leading applications and technologies

Bostik’s strong portfolio and innovation footprint includes technologies for:
  • Battery pack protecting, combined with gasketing materials if serviceability is requested
  • Encapsulation/LPM applications bolstered by our leading position in specialty hot melt adhesives
  • Easy-to-process and solvent free sprayable adhesive solutions (waterborne and pressure sensitive adhesives) for pouch cell-assembly
  • Tailor-made 2K polyurethane adhesive materials for prismatic cells module assembly
  • Best-in-class MMA based adhesives predestined for cylindrical module bonding with an optimal balance of key properties

Discover more about Automotive Adhesives

Bostik's expertise extends to key automotive applications for tier suppliers, OEMs and the aftermarket.

Electronics: Infotainment / ADAS

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Body-in-White Bonding

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Door Trim Adhesives

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Headliner Adhesives

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Interior Trim Adhesives

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Watershield Sealants

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Aftermarket Adhesives and Sealants

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