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Designed to enhance production line efficiencies and enable sustainable packaging

Bostik’s linerless label adhesives are formulated with your efficiency and sustainability initiatives at the forefront. By not requiring a release liner, our linerless label adhesives:
  • Enable more labels per roll
  • Allow for variable print lengths
  • Decrease roll changes and downtime
  • Reduce freight costs and carbon emissions
  • Eliminate gaps between labels
  • Improve worker safety

Linerless Labels: Construction and Benefits

Linerless labels are manufactured using a silicone release coating, paper/films and an adhesive. By not needing a release liner, these adhesives offer:
  • Cost savings: more labels per pallet means lower transportation costs
  • Environmental and safety advantages: No matrix to strip, lower disposal costs and a smaller warehouse footprint
  • Production efficiencies: more labels per roll means less downtime

Choosing the Right Adhesive

Linerless labels’ equipment and silicone release coatings limit the adhesive selection depth. However, it’s important to note that this selection is not just a “pick and stick”. An adhesive for linerless labels must:
  • Not be too aggressive, as it can pick the release coatings and result in print voids and variable unwind properties
  • Bond to various substrates including highly recycled content and low energy surfaces
  • Offer pressure sensitive reaction with the silicone coating
  • Have numerous application methods

Linerless: A New Frontier for Labels

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Labels & Labeling and Bostik's gloabl experts to learn:
  • The impact of linerless labels on the market
  • How adhesives determine their performance
  • The latest market trends for labels for food, quick service restaurants, logistics and e-commerce
  • How linerless labels contribute to sustainability and waste reduction
  • How to specify and qualify adhesives within the industrial ecosystem of integrators, label manufacturers, printers, retailers and brand owners

‘As linerless labels represent the fastest growing segment in the label industry, the whole value chain is getting organized to integrate this new technology,’ says Eric Parois. ‘The adhesive holds a central position in the value chain: it gives the functionality to the labels, ensures the compatibility with the silicon and the paper, while reducing significantly the amount of waste for consumers and retailers.’

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